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How it works

Chef does the shopping

Cooks in your kitchen

Serves up delicious food to your guests

...even does the cleanup!

Isn't it perfect?

Thanks to Ulala Chef you can now bring a professional chef to your home. Whether it's a quiet family dinner, a christening, first communion, a birthday celebration or simply a meal with your closest friends - now every event in your home will be easier and much more enjoyable.

You choose the menu, date and indicate the number of guests. Then you book the chef, who does all the shopping, comes to your home with elegnat dinnerware, cooks in your kitchen in front of your guests, serves up all meals, and even cleans up afterwards!

It's better than catering! Everything is freshly made and served on elegant dinnerware, giving you the top-of-the-line restaurant experience. Chef will take care of everything for you and will even clean up the kitchen. You just sit back, relax and enjoy your evening.

Our chefs are carefully selected. We work with well-known and recognizable chefs, as well as young and very talented ones for whom we forsee an exceptional career in gastronomy.

We have something extra for you. You can now rent our chefs for cooking classes, hen parties or simply cook together with your friends. It's great fun and you will get a chance to learn from the best!

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