Frequently asked questions

All chefs that you will find on Ulala Chef platform are unique, carefully selected group. They agree to participate because they like to have the creative freedom of putting together a unique experience for their guests, which does not happen often in restaurants.

Levels of experience, and consequently prices, vary between chefs. Some are well-known figures in gastronomy industry with experience in the very top restaurants, other chefs are sometimes young, but talented adepts of gastronomy schools and some of them are in the middle of their carrier and are looking for the opportunity to advance in a new direction, and our clients aprreacietetheir exceptional passion for cooking.

Each chef's short biography can be found in their profile on our website, for example <link the profile of chef Maciej Majewski>. Additionally, next to it you will find photos that will allow you to see the particular style of each of our chefs. For more information on a chosen chef, you can contact us <LINK CONTACT>

In Ulala Chef we put a lot of effort into the recruitment process because we believe that the precise selection of chefs is the foundation of our client's trust. Firstly chefs apply to be our partners. After we look over their documents and check their references we invite chosen chefs to prepare a test dinner, which is the final stage of the recruitment process.

Ulala Chef representatives are present on all of our test dinners. Together with other guests we evaluate served dinners and behavior of the chef during the event, detailed opinions are gathered in the form of a questionnaire. Those who pass with positive marks and fulfill our standards are invited to join our platform, Ulala Chef.

The number of our chefs is rapidly expanding. Today we collaborate with over 150 chefs from all of the biggest Polish cities - our services are available in Warsaw, Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia, Poznań, Łodz, Wrocław, Cracow, Katowice, and Szczecin.

To check if our service is available in your location, you can use the search bar on the main page of our website, by specifying a city or the postal code. Each of our chefs individually chooses a radius of the area in which they operate.

If you couldn't find any chef in your area, contact us and certainly we will be able to help you, because our chefs are ready to execute an event in the farthest corners of Poland. <CONTACT LINK>

The day after an event the host and their guests can write a review about the chef. Only the people taking part in the event have this option. All the reviews are published, no matter if positive or negative.

The number of our chefs is rapidly expanding. Today we collaborate with over 150 chefs from all of the biggest Polish cities - our services are available in Warsaw, Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia, Poznań, Łodz, Wrocław, Cracow, Katowice, and Szczecin.

If you couldn't find any chef in your area, contact us and certainly we will be able to help you, because our chefs are ready to execute an event in the farthest corners of Poland. <CONTACT LINK>

There are a lot of reasons!

By hiring a chef you will discover the pleasure of an unforgettable evening with the people closest to you, without the worry of preparing and managing the event. Together with your guests, you can enjoy the occasion in the comfort of your home, wholly organized and taken care of by the chef. Sit comfortably at the table and enjoy the evening, our chef will take care of everything else: shopping, cooking, serving the dishes and even cleaning up the kitchen at the end!

Together with your guests discover the many talents of our incredible chefs. Unlike in most restaurants, here the chefs are not hidden behind the kitchen walls. On the contrary, you will get to know their personality and be able to see their passion for cooking. In Ulala Chef you can come closer, and take a look while they're preparing the meal, and they will be glad to share some of their secret techniques. They will appear next to the table with pleasure to tell your guests about the menu and will present each meal. Chefs in Ulala Chef are able to adapt to the character of the event - whether it is a family reunion or a dinner between friends - they will excel as a skilled professional in the background and as an active participant in the conversation, no matter the circumstances. In conclusion, with Ulala Chef you will take part in a completely unique culinary experience!

Ulala Chef is, most of all the advantages of a private chef in your home. A chef will prepare a unique dinner or supper in your own kitchen. But it doesn't end there! Our chefs can also offer their services for bigger events, wedding receptions, brunches, cooking lessons, garden parties or cocktail parties, even for a large number of guests. As long as the chef can show off their skill and passion, anything goes, No matter if it's in your home, at a workplace or a place specially booked for the occasion - Ulala Chef will always be a unique partner of your party!

After making the reservation and payment on the Ulala Chef website, the chef will contact you over the phone to introduce himself and refine the last details (which additional equipment must he bring, or if there is a need to make some changes in the menu, etc.).

On the day of your event, the chef will arrive approx. 2 hours before serving the dishes. He will start working in your kitchen on preparing everything he needs. The only thing you will need to do is to provide him a working space in your kitchen - free work tops and guidence where the stove and the oven are. Prepare a table for your guests - glasses, drinks, napkins. Do not worry about the tableware and cutlery, because the chef will take care of their selection and even the rental if needed.

When your guests arrive, go agead and invite them to the kitchen to get to know the chef. Chefs are used to introducing themselves  and talking briefly about their experience to the guests before the service. The cook will then serve each of the dishes at the same time explaining it to guests. And before he leaves, he will clean the kitchen taking another concern of your shoulder.

Mostly about 2 hours before the start of serving dishes. However, if the party requires it, the chef may want to come earlier.

 Also the equipment of your kitchen can decide about the arrival of the cook. If the kitchen is small, or there are not many appliances, the chef will do most of the preparations in his work place and only will add the finishing touches in your home before serving them. Then there will be no need for him to come two hours earlier.

However this should happen, the chef will contact you shortly after you make the reservation and will agree with you on the exact time of the arrival. If you can not be at home sooner, just inform the chefa and he will work out the right solution.

Of course!

Our chefs will match their work to the size and equipment of your kitchen. If the kitchen is too small, the chef will do most of the preparations in his workplace, and only finish the dishes in your home before serving them. Similarly, if the kitchen lacks equipment, the chef will bring them with him, and what is necessary he will prepare earlier. However, it may be necessary to adjust the menu. If you still have doubts, contact us - we will help!

The better your kitchen will be equipped, the more convenient it will be for the chef to create his dishes. If your kitchen is very poorly equipped, the chef will adjust the menu. This, simply is the challenge of chefs working at homes. However, you will be surprised at how wonderful things our chefs can do with so few appliances at their disposal!

It is very important to talk to the chef about it right after booking. Describe your kitchen's equipment (oven, stove, pots, pans, bowls, cutting boards or other small kitchen utensils). Chef will bring what is missing!

Do not worry about the plates - an elegant tableware and cutlery matched to the menu, the chef will bring them with him! You only need to have wine glasses and other glasses, but if you do not have them, we can also provide them for a small fee.

Beautiful, elegant plates and cutlery are provided by Ulala Chef! The standard of Ulala Chef is that the chef brings with him elegant plates, tailored to each of the dishes.

You only need to have wine glasses and other glasses, but if you do not have it, we can also provide it for a small fee. Tell us or the chef if you would like to take advantage of our help in this area.

Chef serves his dishes to the table. During supper with Ulala Chef, you'll just relax, the chef will take care of everything. In the case of dinners larger than 12 people, the cook will probably be accompanied by a waiter or help in the kitchen.But this is included in the price.

However, as for serving beverages to the guests - we leave it to the hosts. If you would like us to take care of it, please let us know - we will organize additional waiting service.

Chef will certainly have a lot of work from the time he arrives until he leaves your home.

And if he finds a free moment, he will adapt to the style and character of the party in your taste. He can only be in the background and stay in the kitchen or he can come and tell something more to you and your guests (we prefer that, but you decide!). Go ahead, you can offer a drink to the cook. We encourage you to make direct contact, you will not regret it - our chefs are passionate and charming people.

The next day after the reception you will receive a link to the questionnaire with a request to express your opinion about the chef. This review will be made available on our website and your rating will affect the average rating on the chef's profile.

The price includes: products needed for preparing the dishes, tableware and cutlery rental, transport, storage, preparation, service and time.

The prices displayed in the offers show the price per person. They change depending on the number of people attending the party (at small parties they are higher, with larger ones lower).Therefore, the same menu can be booked for 4 people for PLN 300 per person, and for 10 people for PLN 150 per person. The price for a small party will be higher per person, because the chef devotes the same amount of time he would spend for a large party, and the chef must be able to earn money on that evening.

You can use the filters in the search engine (left column at the catalog of offers) to display only menu offers that are within the desired price range (usually approximate price per person with 10 people at the party).

Prices vary depending on the chosen chef and the menu. Here are some examples of prices:

  • A romantic dinner for two: from PLN 400 per person
  • A family birthday party for 10 people: from PLN 140 per person
  • Dinner for 6 people: from PLN 150 per person
  • Brunch at home for 8 people: from PLN 120 per person
  • Evening with friends for 8 people: from PLN 130 per person

All prices are ALL INCLUSIVE. The easiest way to check prices is by browsing the catalog of offers, refining the number of guests and choosing the price range. If you do not find the prices that suit you, please contact our service <LINK CONTACT>, we will help!

Negotiations, this term may not accurately reflect the heart of the matter. But by changing the style of serving dinner you can change the price a little. Select instead of the service on individual plates, serving in the "family" style on large dishes straight onto the table. Dinner costs can be lowered a bit also by changing more expensive products to cheaper in some menu items.

For more details, please contact us <LINK CONTACT>

We accept online payments via the website. You can use a credit card or online bank transfer. Payment is collected in advance. Attention - we care about your safety! The entire amount is stored on a dedicated account, and the chef receives a remuneration (excluding the advance) the day after the service is completed. In case of any problem, you can always contact us!

Accepted payment cards on our website are Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

As a rule, alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages are not included in the price. This is the decision we made, because alcohol is always a significant part of the cost of the restaurant bill. So if you'll buy wine for dinner yourself, the price-to-value ratio will be much more attractive! You can ask our service in advance for a recommendation of wines to the selected menu. Special wine pairing will be prepared by our sommelier for each selected menu. Our Sommelier can also provide you with selected wine at your request.

Some chefs offer wine or other alcohol as part of their menu offerings. Then it is clearly marked in the menu description.

If you want wine to be delivered by our sommelier, contact us! Sommelier will create a personalized wine list for the dinner in consultation with the chef and in accordance with your requirements, as well as he will prepare an attractive offer to buy wines with delivery to your home before the dinner. <LINK CONTACT>

In the interest of the highest quality of our services and the safety of our customers and their guests, our chefs wear protective masks and disposable gloves at each party. With us you can feel 100% safe and celebrate special moments regardless of the situation.

Please submit your resignation from the paid order by e-mail to the following address: According to the Ulala Chef regulations, when the order is canceled up to 7 days before acceptance, the customer receives a refund of the amount paid, minus 5% of handling fees. In the event of cancellation up to 3 days before implementation, Ulala Chef will refund 50% of the amount paid to the Customer's account. When the resignation from the service takes place in less than 3 days, the Customer is not entitled to a refund.

However, in practice, we consider each such case individually after consulting the chef on the costs of purchases, etc., incurred on a given day. We also recommend changing the date to a later date.