Ulala Chef for business

Ulala Chef is the only such partner in Poland. We gather over 100 top Polish chefs with whom you can create a unique event or highlight an important celebration. In our Clients' projects, such well-known names as Modest Amaro and Mateusz Gessler cooperate with us. You will find in our portfolio the winners of TOP Chef Polska, Master Chef or Hell's Kitchen and many other chefs known from the media. There are also proven young and talented chefs, live cooking specialists and experienced private chefs who are serving prestigious events in embassies and official residences. A wide variety of offers, wide experience, flexibility and high quality of service - our Clients value us.

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Our story

Agnieszka Górska - CEO and Co-founder of Ulala Chef, experienced manager. She spent over 16 years in big companies in differentiated branches, starting in FMCG (Unilever), through fashion retail (LPP S.A. - Reserved, Cropp, House, Mohito, etc) and telecommunication (Orange, Vectra). In the last one, she held marketing director and board member position. For the last years, she’s been connected with the startup environment, supporting such entrepreneurship as Gastronauci.pl and Stoliczku.pl. Passionate about gastronomy, she’s been working on her own startup Ulala Chef since 2014.

"There was a couple of reasons and circumstances that provided me to this decision. After over 20 years in big companies, there was a moment in my life, where I needed something fresh, a new opening. I felt, that the something should be connected with gastronomy because I’ve been passionate about it for many years already. It’s even bigger, as I don’t cook myself but I love eating in good restaurants and appreciate the chef’s art. I think if I’m a person who cooks well, I would never figure out the idea of Ulala Chef. I’ve been thinking about women like me, that like meeting with friends, like having quests in the kitchen but not necessarily like spending time in the kitchen during an event. There are so many fantastic chefs! Why shouldn't they be invited to a kitchen and allow them to serve a private dinner? An important asset of this idea is the online platform, where clients can easily search for a menu, compare prices, read rates and book a dinner at home. I wanted to be a client of such a service, that’s why I’ve created it."

Agnieszka Górska in the interview with Magdaleny Wesołowskiej, culinarybackstage.com

Ulala Chef was created primarily for private parties arranged in houses of our Clients. However, it quickly turned out that our concept and diversified offer are an ideal response to the needs of Clients in the business sector. In this way, from the very beginning, our chefs in many different and interesting forms also highlight your business receptions, conferences, and training. We operate dynamically and invite you to cooperation. Let's build something together!

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