Cocktail Party on the roof of a Berlin apartment

At the last rooftop party in Berlin, Chef Monica Kisic and her team prepared exquisite snacks based on the zero waste philosophy.

It was interesting to watch Monica and her helpers at work. They created these little masterpieces with great concentration and dedication. The final composition on the table delighted the guests, and the taste and smell hovering above it will be remembered for a long time!
The main menu item was the live cooking show, during which Monica prepared ceviche from sea bass and Atlantic salmon. Ceviche is a traditional Peruvian dish, and Monica comes from Peru.

Live cooking is one of the most important parts of the events organized by Ulala Chef.
You can see for yourself how a professional Chef prepares food, tells interesting stories about it, and finally taste it. It is an exciting experience involving all your senses.


Finger Food Menu TOMATO TARTARE Fresh, dried and cooked tomatoes / Served with basil leaves CITRUS SMOKED SALMON Fermentowane papryczki jalapeños / Avocado / Crême fraiche / Quinoa blini KOHLRABI TACO Seasonal herbal bouquet / Fermented lemon vinaigrette KALAMATA OLIVE CAUSA Soft cold potato puree / Lemon / Chilli / Avocado sauce / Kalamata olives