Chef  Monica Kisic

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Monica Kisic is a Chef, Artist and Scientist. She has a phD in Molecular Biology, Master in Science and Master in Cooking Technique and Produce from renowned Basque Culinary Center Institute, and she also continued her plant based studies at Matthew Kenney Culinary School. Monica uses all of her experience to connect food-making with culture, sound, taste, visual arts and space, and is constantly searching for a gastronomy that goes beyond the palate and works collaboratively with artists from a variety of disciplines to further her work. 

She worked in various Michelin Star Restaurants such as: Blue Hill At Stone Barns (New York, USA) and Nerua (Bilbao, Spain). She was also Creative and Head Chef in IK Restaurant in Lima. She's now doing Testing Menu Experiences, Zero-waste Catering and Consulting and she's working in Eis Eis a sustainable Ice Cream Brand, and Pop-ups, all of that in Berlin.


Berlin + 15 km

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