Firmowe przyjęcie wigilijne

The time of festive celebrations is an ideal opportunity to push the friendly spirit into the space of company relations. At the request of our client we organized a Christmas Eve party combined with culinary workshops for those guests who saw in common cooking a promise of great fun.

However, before we got down to preparing the Christmas dishes the host of the party welcomed all the guests and invited them to try the delicacies prepared earlier by our invaluable chefs.

The workshop participants were divided into two groups where each mentor imparted his knowledge and secrets of the profession to them so that both groups successfully met the execution of the Christmas dishes they had prepared.

Both rooms, the banquet room and the workshop room, allowed the guests to move freely and celebrate the company party together. After the team cooking, the fun atmosphere developed even better. At the end there was dancing and the party lasted almost until dawn!


Workshops led by chef Mateusz Czekierda Duck carpaccio in gin with raspberry dressing and filleted oranges Pork tenderloin in herbs with mushroom sauce and topinambur puree Cinnamon ice cream and plum crumble Workshops led by chef Anna Klajmon Herring in spices with beets Dumplings with mushrooms and cabbage Carp in poppy seed with mushrooms tagliatelle Dinner buffet Beef tartare Turkey terrine with pistachios Cumberland pâté Pumpkin with buffalo Antipasti (marinated peppers and courgettes in balsamic vinegar and olive oil) Focaccia, buns Mushroom soup with dumplings