Chef Anna Klajmon

Chef Anna Klajmon

About Chef

Anna Klajmon - loyal to tradition, mixed with a modern twist. Fan of polish flavors and products, very brave and consistent.

She has been involved with gastronomy for over 20 years. She graduated from the Gastronomic School, later gained knowledge and experience in well-known Silesian restaurants. Afterwards, she opened her own Catering Company, which she successfully led.

Anna's dream has always been to open her own restaurant, her own unique place. Being a very hard-working person, she achieved it and opened the BLU Restaurant in Bielsko Biala. This place quickly became iconic, famous for its surprising flavors and seasonal dishes. The mixture of great staff, knowledge, and experience made it possible to create a place that abounded in numerous culinary events: shows, workshops, meetings. The restaurant hosted many celebrities of the culinary world. Cyclical culinary workshops "On the Edge of the Knife" were very popular due to the fantastic atmosphere and excellent moderators. Cooperation with Chef Mateusz Czekierda resulted in BLU's participation in numerous culinary competitions, international and national events - with great success, which resulted in important prizes and titles.

Ania took part in the 5th season of Top Chef Poland. She got involved by accident, but it was an amazing learning experience an adventure. She quickly won the audience' hearts with her honesty, hard work, and loyalty. She worked in many interesting restaurants, introducing innovative ideas and solutions to help them function. She will always provide advice and help, using her vast experience.

Cooking classes and live cooking shows is another area of Ania's expertise. She is a very open, honest and patient person, which makes her a great teacher. She conveys her original ideas and knowledge in a simple and precise manner. In this area, she works closely with Mateusz Czekierda, with whom she makes an excellent duo - a variety of conducting style, innovative ideas colliding with tradition and a great dialogue is a guarantee of success. Workshops and shows with their participation are very popular.


Warszawa + 20 km

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Iwona (17 December 2018)

Delicious Christmas dishes with a modern interpretation. Brilliant ingredients, efficient execution and presentation. Thank you very much.

JUSTYNA (8 December 2017)

Great collaboration and great personal experience.

Adrianna (8 December 2017)

Very nice people, great culinary knowledge

Artur (8 December 2017)

Interesting experience, not only for cooks.

Milena (8 December 2017)

Ania is a smiling person who turns Polish traditional dishes into something extraordinary. Suffice it to say: professionals in every inch, and top cooking teachers and their most important dishes are incredibly delicious :)

Agnieszka (8 December 2017)

Dumplings with nuts were amazing, Ania is a great grandmother.

Joanna (8 December 2017)

Communication with guests is definitely a big plus

Anna (8 December 2017)

Chefs were harmonious, they approached the group very positively, everyone was treated the same :) speaking to each other by name was also well received :) Overall a great party! Awesome people!

Magda (8 December 2017)

They were very communicative and it was fun to work with. Very nice atmosphere, professionalism and friendly attitude, willingness to share knowledge.

Katarzyna (8 December 2017)

The best corporate event I have ever been to

Aleksandra (8 December 2017)

It was delicious - both fun and food!

Piotr (24 October 2017)

Very good - surprisingly for dishes prepared at such a pace in ordinary home cooking. Ania is a very nice and informative person. She adapted very well to the atmosphere and mood at home. She was able to find a perfect compromise between cooking together and spending a relaxing dinner for her participants. All participants will remember this evening with great pleasure.

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