Chef Mateusz Czekierda

Chef Mateusz Czekierda

About Chef

Mateusz Czekierda was the head chef in the unique Bielsko-Biała Gallery Blu Restaurant, and now he is the head chef at the Bocca Bar restaurant in Warsaw. He gained experience working with the best, including in Warsaw Concept 13, under the supervision of Darek Barański. He was also an adviser to catering companies and ran culinary training.

In 2015, Kuchnia magazine nominated him for the title Cook - Discovery of the Year, and recently Mateusz took part in the Polish selection of the most prestigious culinary competition in the world Bocuse'Dor Poland 2015. He enjoys perfecting and learning new cooking techniques.

"I would like to go on an internship to a two or three-star restaurant, and in the future, I will open my own bistro with an original kitchen, which I will only base on Polish products", he says about plans and dreams. He draws inspiration from his surroundings and spends his free time with his daughter and doing photography.


Warszawa + 20 km

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Monika (13 December 2017)

The food was delicious, both the starters, the soup, as well as the dishes prepared by us. My colleagues still remember the taste of duck, dumplings, ice cream, tagliatelle :)

Adrianna (8 December 2017)

Very nice people, great culinary knowledge

JUSTYNA (8 December 2017)

Great collaboration and great personal experience.

Joanna (8 December 2017)

Communication with guests is definitely a big plus

Artur (8 December 2017)

Interesting experience, not only for cooks.

Katarzyna (8 December 2017)

The best corporate event I have ever been to

Monika (8 December 2017)

Great organization, the bosses, in addition to delicious dishes, introduce a great atmosphere that encourages cooperation. Great fun and delicious food. I worked with Mateusz, who has great contact with other people and shortens the distance. It's much easier to break down and get involved in working together. The dishes we prepared were simple, but with a perfectly enhanced flavor. All the dishes were delicious and some I would love to try to repeat at home! Duck with cabbage - a revelation! Ice cream with plums and crumble - yummy! Beets with pistachios and goat cheese foam - excellent! Poppy seed cake - lick your fingers!

Agnieszka (8 December 2017)

Fun without strapping, relaxing party. the nut dumplings were Kapitlane.

Aleksandra (8 December 2017)

It was delicious - both fun and food!

Magda (8 December 2017)

They were very communicative and it was fun to work with. Very nice atmosphere, professionalism and friendly attitude, willingness to share knowledge.

Anna (8 December 2017)

Chefs were harmonious, they approached the group very positively, everyone was treated the same :) speaking to each other by name was also well received :) Overall a great party! Awesome people!

Milena (8 December 2017)

Suffice it to say this: professionals in every detail, and the best cooking teachers and their most important dishes are incredibly delicious :) You are great :) Thanks for cooking together :) Each of the chefs cooks wonderfully. Ania is a smiling person who turns Polish traditional dishes into something extraordinary. Mateusz is a real volcano of energy. A head full of innovative and unusual ideas. The flavors he gave us through the dishes allow us to travel to another world. Sergiusz is my favorite (he has something cool from the very first meeting). Self-possessed, but always smiling, in control of the screaming crowd. His dishes are a real delight for the palate. Delicious duck: soft, juicy, perfect in taste; red cabbage: intense in taste, perfectly balanced proportions of each of the ingredients, which makes us feel each and the dessert tart: I'll say so much EASY :) FAST :) DELICIOUS :)

Joanna (16 January 2016)

Greater contact with the guests - although he had not an easy task - had to compete with the chef and the cool Vectra team.

Agnieszka (16 January 2016)

Chef with an excellent workshop, and communicating well with guests. He is bursting with energy and openness. Mateusz, you were great this evening. Thank you! :)

Małgorzata (16 January 2016)

He is a very talented cook who makes contact with great ease. People, he can speak great about his passion and infect his passion for cooking. He pays attention to details and details, the dishes must be perfect! We wish you many, many successes - the basis for this is huge (knowledge, professionalism and a huge heart for cooking)

Ilona (16 January 2016)

Full professionalism and personality allowing for excellent contact with guests

Patrycja (16 January 2016)

A very communicative, sympathetic and kind chef with whom a person is free and does not feel embarrassed. Keep it up :)) an amazing journey through known flavors, but rediscovered :)

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