Karol Okrasa, Mateusz Gessler

Cooking with master chefs online live

  • Chef: Karol Okrasa, Mateusz Gessler, Jasiek Kuroń, Michel Moran, Julia Cymbaluk, Gaja Suchocka
  • Customer: . . : a.o. banking sector
  • Target: Building relationships with customers

Constant contact and building good relationships with customers are key factors for the success of any company. During a pandemic or when it's impossible to organize larger meetings in the physical world, we look for other solutions. See how innovative solution Ulala Chef developed for our business clients.

We created a special concept of online culinary events streamed live directly to specific audiences, unique for the country and perhaps even Europe. These events allowed for the promotion of the Client's brand in a way that was previously reserved only for events "in real life".

For this purpose we joined forces with one of our clients, a partner from the banking sector, to prepare together a completely new project - online culinary workshops with the participation of the most famous Polish chefs and with the delivery of the ingredients to customers' houses all over Poland.

From our premiere event to this day, we have already completed several similar ones and we are ready for further realizations. And how it was during the last one? You can see here:

Online cooking together is an event that allowed thousands of people all around Poland to spend weekend afternoons at home, learning live from the masters of cooking, staying in touch with them, asking questions and getting tips from them. Karol Okrasa, Michel Moran or Mateusz Gessler - can you imagine better teachers in your and your customers' kitchens?

How did it work?

After registering and purchasing the package for the whole family, one just had to book some time in their calendar, and we took care of the rest.

In the days preceding the event we sent all the necessary information to the participants. Everyone also received all products needed for cooking at the door. Then an individual link, necessary for joining and cooking together, has been sent to their e-mails.

In the first event Karol Okrasa was the one who led through all the stages of preparing the dishes. Then, during the family cooking it was Michel Moran with Julka Cymbaluk, and last Sunday Mateusz Gessler with Gaja Suchocka. After the streaming, the participants were still able to access the recording of the event for some time, so they could go back to any moment, or watch everything again. The baking online with Jasek Kuroń looked similar. He was baking together with his wife - Aneta, preparing sweets live with the audience.

During the four cooking online sessions there were also competitions encouraging participants to interact and share photos of their culinary achievements.

It is also important to mention that these events were divided into open tickets ones, for which everyone could register, and closed workshops for a specific client only. Both forms are available, and we introduce online events as a permanent option for our customers.

Special thanks to Mrs. Kasia, who cooked live with her family and who agreed to share some pictures with us! :)


Workshops led by Karol Okrasa MAIN COURSE A stir-fry dish with noodles, crispy vegetables and fragile duck meat DESSERT „Broken apple pie" - apples in orange syrup on the biscuits bottom covered with cream zabaglione Workshops led by Michela Moran and Julia Cymbaluk MAIN COURSE Pork tenderloin with dried plums and tian provencal DESSERT Chocolate dessert with tapioca, raspberry sauce and caramel angelic hair Workshops led by Mateusz Gessler and Gaja Suchocka MAIN COURSE WrapS with turkey, vegetables, spring onions and plum hoisin sauce DESSERT Vanilla panna cotta with mango mousse and raspberry caviar Workshops led by Jasiek Kuroń Crispy tart with lemon curd cream under mascarpone cream *** Healthy lactose free cookies with cranberries and oatmeal