Private Chef on Your Vacation


Elevate your vacation experience: hire a private chef from Ulala Chef


Picture this: you and your group of friends or family, gathered in a beautiful rental house for a weekend getaway or a long-awaited vacation. Laughter fills the air, kids are playing in the yard and the sun sets over the horizon. But when it comes to mealtime, wouldn't it be wonderful to relax and enjoy the company of your loved ones without the stress of cooking and cleaning? That's where Ulala Chef comes in - your ticket to a memorable and hassle-free vacation experience.


Why hire a private chef for your vacation rental house?


Culinary excellence


One of the primary reasons to hire a private chef for your vacation rental house is the opportunity to indulge in gourmet cuisine. Ulala Chef connects you with a talented chef who can craft exquisite meals tailored to your group's preferences and dietary requirements. Would you like to indulge in the local specialties of the place you are traveling to? From locally inspired dishes to international delights, your private chef will create culinary magic that will leave your taste buds tingling.


Stress-free hosting


If you're the designated host for your group's vacation, hiring a personal cook allows you to be the best host without the stress of cooking and serving.

Your chef will take care of:


- grocery shopping;

- cooking the dishes;

- serving the meal;

- cleaning up after cooking.


At Ulala Chef we make sure you can focus on enjoying the company of your loved ones while we take care of everything!


Kid-friendly options


Traveling with children can be a challenge when it comes to mealtime. Forget about feeding your little one nuggets and fries for the entire trip! Private chefs from Ulala Chef can prepare kid-friendly meals that are not only delicious but also nutritious, ensuring that the younger members of your group are well taken care of. This allows parents to relax and enjoy their vacation while knowing that their kids are eating well.


Catering to dietary preferences with ease


In today's era of varied dietary choices, meeting the needs of all participants can be a bit puzzling. However, with Ulala Chef accommodating dietary restrictions becomes an engaging opportunity. Our private chefs excel at crafting delectable meals that cater to a range of dietary preferences, guaranteeing satisfaction and smiles all around.


An entertaining culinary extravaganza


How about adding a little fun to your vacation? Imagine your private cook telling some interesting facts and funny jokes about regional cuisine while cooking. All of our personal chefs are not only culinary masters -  they are also proficient entertainers!



Do not hesitate to contact us by phone, via LiveChat or via the contact form so that we can create an offer tailored to your needs.

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Hire a private chef from Ulala Chef: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



Explore our website to browse through our wide array of menu options. Contact us to prepare an individual offer, select your favorite menu, choose your desired date, indicate the number of guests, and complete your reservation. Once we verify your booking and process the payment, your dedicated chef will reach out to you promptly. This is your opportunity to discuss specifics and get acquainted. Feel free to communicate any special requests, allergies, or dietary requirements to the chef without hesitation.



The expense of booking a private chef via Ulala Chef varies based on multiple factors, such as your menu selection, the chef's experience, the guest count and the event's duration. Typically, prices fall within the range of EUR 50 to EUR 200 per person for an event hosting 10 guests.

Hiring a private chef to cook for you during a week-long vacation costs about EUR 2,500. This price does not include the cost of the products used by the chef to prepare the dishes, nor the cost of accommodation of the chef.



Ulala Chef's private chefs are well-prepared to serve an extensive array of occasions, encompassing holy communion, baptism, wedding, holiday or seasonal party, vacation getaway, dinner party, romantic date, birthday, wine tasting with finger food buffet, DIY craft gathering, book club meeting, charity event, cooking class, baby shower and a myriad of other events. Additionally, Ulala Chef provides the option to connect you with a personal chef for long-term, recurring culinary engagements.


More about hiring a private chef on a permanent basis


Do not hesitate to contact us by phone, via LiveChat or via the contact form so that we can create an offer tailored to your needs.



Our personal chefs are highly adaptable and can cater to individual dietary preferences and allergenic needs. Collaborating closely with your chef allows you to design a menu that satisfies the tastes of every guest. It's crucial to communicate any particular requirements to your private chef with ample notice.


More about hiring a private chef to take care of your dietary needs



Usually, the private chef arrives approximately two hours prior to the meal service. Nonetheless, you have the flexibility to coordinate the precise arrival time directly with the chef once your reservation is paid.



Ulala Chef offers elegant cutlery and crockery, however you'll be responsible for arranging your wine glasses and additional glassware. In case you don't have these items on hand, we provide a hassle-free option to rent them from us for a small fee.



Our private chefs possess the expertise to skillfully craft dishes in your compact kitchen, a distinctive and invaluable service provided by Ulala Chef. In the case of more elaborate menus requiring extensive preparation, the private chef may choose to partially prepare certain dishes in advance and finalize them on-site. This approach is particularly suitable if your kitchen has limited space or lacks particular culinary equipment.



Generally, the cost doesn’t include beverages, excluding both non-alcoholic and alcoholic choices. While some well-known chefs may incorporate beverages into their packages, it will always be specified. Should you desire, our sommelier can create a personalized wine selection to complement your preferences, collaborating closely with your private chef. Furthermore, we provide the option to have the chosen wines delivered to your venue upon request prior to the event.



Our personal chefs are dedicated to ensuring the utmost freshness of ingredients. They carefully select the freshest components to craft dishes that consistently offer exceptional quality and flavor.



For inquiries regarding cancellations of pre-paid reservations, please contact us at


Cancellations made at least 7 days before the reserved date are eligible for a refund, subject to a 5% processing fee deduction. Cancellations within 3 days of the scheduled date will qualify for a 50% refund. Unfortunately, cancellations within 3 days or less of the event cannot be refunded.



Need an answer to a question you didn't find in the FAQ? Please contact us via the contact form, via LiveChat or by phone. We will be happy to help you!

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