Private chef on a daily basis in Your House

Cooking for the whole family seems tiring to you? Or do you just have no time for that? Now many people work remotely, children do not go to school, so it is more difficult to have lunch in the canteen or in the cafeteria. Ideas for dishes to be prepared in your own kitchen are also finally coming to an end.

In Ulala Chef we adapt to changing needs. From the beginning we have been helping our Clients by recruiting cooks for them on a permanent basis (long-term contract). In addition, for almost a year now, we have been offering a new service, which we developed during the first lockdown - chef's hiring for the shorter periods (the length of cooperation - minimum 2 weeks)!

Recruiting a private chef for a few weeks from the chefs working with us on a daily basis is therefore the first option. Maybe you already know some of them, or you've heard of them. Maybe you're even thinking about someone specific?

The second option is the dedicated recruitment of chefs for permanent cooperation at the request of the Client. They define their requirements and we conduct the entire recruitment process, check the references of the applicants, present a list of proposed cooks and even organize a tasting with each of them.

How does the cook work?

It really depends on your expectations. They can cook in your house (everyday or every second day) or deliver meals in containers. Chef creates a dedicated menu that will suit your and your familty needs. They will remember about possible food allergies, preferences, or a certain number of calories - it all depends on you. The chef will also gladly take on the purchase of all the necessary ingredients, which is an additional time saving for you.

What do you need to think about before we recruit a chef for you?

- How many people will the chef cook for? Are there children among them?
- Is the chef supposed to cook in your house or deliver prepared meals to the indicated address?
- Is the chef supposed to cook/ bring meals every day, or for example twice a week? There are also options like for example - chef comes 2-3 times a week and prepares meals for the rest of the days.
- Do the household members have food intolerances, diets, or a certain number of calories per day to eat?
- What kind of dish should the cook prepare? Just lunches and maybe dinners? Do you prefer some kind of the kitchen?

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How much does this service cost?

Chef who cooks for the family every day or every second day is an expense of about 800 euro per month plus the cost of purchasing the ingredients necessary to prepare meals.

The main advantages of this service are:

- convenience,
- time saving and no need to go to shops and restaurants,
- safety - the cooks promoted by us maintain the highest standards of hygiene, work in masks and gloves,
- it is also a good way to test the new tastes that you have not known before.

Feel free to contact us at (796 080 203 or 609 339 366), via the hut whose bubble appears in the bottom right-hand corner, or via the form available at the link below! Of course we encourage you to contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions. :)

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