An exceptionally successful business party - a matter of great importance


A business meeting is an important event that should usually follow a set plan and be of a professional nature. As it is about establishing new business relationships or maintaining existing ones, leaving a good impression is the key element. For a business party to be effective it should therefore be appropriately elegant, tasteful and at the same time not too rigid and formal. In this context choosing an Ulala Chef that will prepare and serve a business meeting turns out to be the best option! The presence of a culinary champion will bring an element of controlled freedom to the party, while guaranteeing a high level of service for the event. Lunch or business dinner can be organized in the office, company room, as well as in a closed space specially rented for this occasion - depending on its character. The business party will be served by one of the chefs or - in the case of a larger event - our master with a few helpers. For special ceremonial events, we also recommend waiters and a sommelier who will recommend and serve dry drinks as well as talk and share his knowledge with participants.

Less formal business meeting - workshops, breakfast, barbecue


A business meeting during which employees will have fun and integrate, plan a joint venture or simply have a good time in a casual atmosphere? Why not! After all it has been known for a long time that a loose, morning meeting in the office or an uninhibited business party promotes creativity, tights relations and builds good relationships. We will help you organize a business meeting in the company, breakfast for employees or a meeting conducive to the birth of new, great idea. We will prepare both a business meeting on the terrace or in the garden as well as a business meeting in the form of baking Christmas cookies. We have plenty of ideas for organizing special events and parties for your employees. If you want to celebrate the banquet with the presence of a famous chef or make a business dinner long remembered by your guests contact Ulala Chef. We are able to invite almost any celebrity chef you know and appreciate to your business party. The star master of culinary arts will prepare selected meals in front of the participants, serve them and spend his time with you.

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Business meeting with Ulala Chef - tell us what you need


Business dinner, semi-formal event, business meeting or maybe a party for employees? Set a goal first. This is the basis of a well-organized banquet. Thanks to this we will know at what time and in what surroundings we should book a place and what type of menu can delight your guests. All this will contribute to the cost estimate that will allow you to organize a business meeting as you expect. We can organize both a high-budget business meeting as well as a more modest party. We have countless ideas for these unique and distinguished as well as very unconventional parties. The offer, like the experience, is extremely wide. Determine whether the invited guests will include people who prefer specific diets - vegetarians or vegans. Thanks to this our chef will prepare appropriate dishes and drinks so that the business dinner can turn out to be a special event for all participants without exception. Contact Ulala Chef and don't let anything surprise you on this important day. We will take care of everything comprehensively!