Festive wedding dinner with your private chef


When planning a wedding we are more and more willing to lean towards intimate meetings and parties. A small wedding party with our loved ones, among whom we feel comfortable, means greater joy at the party and much less stress for the young couple. And lower costs by the way - the money saved on renting a gigantic room and serving dozens of guests is better spent on a unique honeymoon or arranging a new home. By using the services of Ulala Chef, you will organize an unforgettable wedding dinner in your own home or in the garden. The ordered private chef will prepare an exceptionally festive wedding dinner for guests in an absolutely extraordinary form - live and interactively. You can count on wonderful dishes, first-class guest service and a great atmosphere. Depending on the preferred style, the wedding dinner can be more or less official and our chef - present and open to guests' questions, or discreetly unnoticed. Everything to be agreed and discussed, so that your wedding dinner is exactly like you want it! We can take care of atmospheric, beautiful decorations, flowers, and the young couple will not have to worry about anything.

Festive wedding dinner in your own home - an extraordinary experience


Wedding dinner without a restaurant reservation? Yes if your choice is Ulala Chef - an online platform through which you can hire a chef. Our master of culinary arts will prepare a wedding dinner for guests in your home. We can also decorate the place and set the appropriate size table on festive dinner and one of our best chefs will compose and prepare the perfect dishes. We employ only the best masters of culinary art, real lovers, enthusiasts and artists in their profession so you do not have to worry about the quality of your party. By working with the best we can guarantee that your wedding dinner will be an experience of exceptional emotional scale and become a truly enchanting culinary experience for the bride, groom and guests. For customers who organize a small wedding reception we recommend choosing one chef who will prepare and serve the dishes on their own. For slightly larger events, over 12 people the service is joined by an assistant and for quite large ones - waiters.

A small wedding party - a great experience and a delicious menu


The expert cooks from Ulala Chef are able to prepare almost any type of menu for your wedding dinner; dishes that you dream about and those that you have never even dreamed of. Most of them are perfect for a festive wedding dinner for your guests. It will amaze, delight and captivate the participants of the ceremony with the richness of flavors and aromas. From the list of our chefs choose the one that best suits you with the presented cooking style and agree on the details together. A small wedding party with regional-style dishes? Or maybe dishes from Spain, Italy, Japan or Mexico? Why not? We are able to organize a wedding dinner that will take you to the land of fantastic taste sensations. Everything will take place in a nice, moving atmosphere full of culinary inspiration. If you want our chef, who will prepare a dinner for guests, will answer questions about the origin of dishes and ingredients, how to create a dish and if necessary - he will prepare a small culinary show.

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Wedding dinner for guests step by step - comfort and convenience


Do you think a wedding dinner is a too big challenge to organize it at home? Or maybe you are worried that a small wedding party held in an apartment will require a large, modern kitchen, filled to the brim with kitchen accessories? You couldn't be more wrong! The chefs from Ulala Chef are extremely experienced professionals who will cope well with almost any conditions, and will prepare the wedding dinner even in the smallest and most modestly equipped kitchen. First of all - choose a chef and menu. And if you already know who you will entrust your wedding gala dinner to, prepare the table, some free space in the fridge and open the door. That's all. Our master will take care of the rest! He will bring with him the appropriate tools, tableware, cutlery and a whole set of the best quality products needed to prepare freshly charming, delicious and unforgettable dinner for guests.

Wedding treat from Ulala Chef - confidence and satisfaction


Wedding dinner with Ulala Chef is absolutely one of the best choices and a guarantee of a successful event, great atmosphere and lots of calm moments right after an intense, emotional experience in a church or office. Thanks to our chef, you will come home and rest, welcoming guests in your favorite, friendly environment. Since everything was discussed and clarified much earlier, after the wedding you can finally relax and let the moment carry you away. Your wedding dinner for guests will be exactly what you want. The many years of experience of Ulala Chef, several years of practice of our masters, projects full of large and small successes and the growing number of regular customers guarantee that we do not disappoint. We do not only care that the wedding dinner is held in the best possible style, and that a small wedding reception turns out to be quite an experience. First of all, we care about the comfort and peace of our customers who experience the most important moments in their lives.