Top Chef

Ulala Chef is a platform that brings together the best cooks which with natural ease find themselves in direct contact with the client. In our portfolio, you will find the winners and contestants in the Polish editions of the television program Top Chef, as well as experienced chefs which have gained their skills in the finest restaurants of the whole world. Each and every one of them is a true expert and enthusiast who tirelessly looks for new recipes and unconventional combinations of flavours and textures. Such a cook will raise the rank of every event! They will be like an author of a live cooking show, mentor or special guest at your party.

Chef Sebastian Olma is one of the most talented cooks of the younger generation. He is distinguished by a great charisma and an engaging sense of humour. He honed his workshop in recognized London restaurants, including at the side of Gordon Ramsey - in his flagship restaurant in the Claridge's historic hotel. He also worked for Tom Aikens - an icon of British cuisine. He returned to Poland to take part in the second edition of the Top Chef program, where he became an undisputed favourite and final winner. He currently works as a chef in the prestigious Belvedere restaurant in Royal Łazienki Park.

For three years, every year we have had the pleasure of working with the Alter Art team, creating a Private Restaurant For Foreign Artists Open'er Festival. On the festival grounds, a tent is erected divided into a part fine dining and part a buffet restaurant. Its surface is 425m^2, of which 175m^2 is intended for a fully equipped, professional kitchen managed by Sebastian Olma.

Chef Marcin Piotrowski - participant in the first edition of the Top Chef program. He specializes among others in private dining and spectacular gastronomic events. An undeniable expert on oriental cuisine. He brings from his frequent trips to Asia not only new flavours but also fascinating stories, which he willingly shares with those who like to listen. Since 2014 he has been conducting a radio program "Gastronomik Piotrowski" in Paweł Lorochs JemRadio. He worked on all editions of the Hell's Kitchen program. For a year he ran a culinary department in TVP2s Monday "Question for breakfast".

Chef Adam Leszczyński - enfant terrible of Warsaw gastronomy. Participant of the second edition of the Top Chef program. Very creative and talented. His combinations of flavours are surprising and yet extremely harmonious. He is a versatile artist. Outside the kitchen, he also deals with the creation of original set design and interior design.

Chef Adrian Feliks - cooking for him is not only a job but above all a passion and joy of creating something unique. A participant of the second edition of the Top Chef program, awarded with an internship at the Atelier Amaro by the chairman of the jury Wojciech Modest Amaro. Currently, he runs culinary workshops and is the owner of the Culinary Studio in Silesia.

Chef Marcin Czubak a young and ambitious cook, looking for knowledge and new, unusual solutions. He gained his experience mainly on the British Isles. He represented Scotland during the Escoffier competition organized by Cordon Blue in London. For two years he was a private cook of the president of Gabon and his families. A participant in the third edition of the Top Chef program. Currently, he is carrying out culinary projects in Silesia.

Chef Anna Klajmon passionate about combining tradition with modern solutions. She was a participant in the fifth edition of the Top Chef program, which she got by accident (she was an accompanying person during the casting). A lover of Polish cuisine, products and flavours. She gained her over 20 years of experience mainly in well-known Silesian restaurants. She is also the founder of the iconic BLU restaurant in Silesia. She is currently the chef at the LAS restaurant (Local Attraction of the Capital) at Warsaw's riverside.

Chef Sergiusz Hieronimczak - participant in the fifth edition of the Top Chef program and its finalist. He loves Polish, Mediterranean and Australian fusion cuisine. Determined defender of English cuisine, which does not tend to have a positive culinary reputation in the world. He is now the chef at Nifty No. 20 at the Puro hotel in Poznań.

Chef Przemysław Klima - a versatile chef who gained his skills in one of the best restaurants in the world - Scandinavian Noma. Participant of the fifth edition of the Top Chef program. For several years he collaborated with Wojciech Modest Amaro in his Atelier Amaro, where he served as a Sous Chef. He is currently the chef at the trendy Warsaw restaurant Superlardo.

Chef Mateusz Czekierda - loves Polish cuisine and products. In his kitchen, he harks back to the traditions of Silesia, from which he comes from, and recently from the traditions of the old Warsaw cuisine, because he lives and works in the capital. He constantly looks for new solutions and discovers new combinations. A participant of the seventh edition of Top Chef. Currently, his dishes are pleasing to the palate of the guests of the Gruby Josek restaurant.

Chef Bartłomiej Kuzianik - a passionate cook and traveller. He gained proffesional experience in a vast amount of countries in the world. His dinners not only have exotic flavours but also the globetrotter's wonderful stories. A participant of the second edition of the Top Chef program.

Each of these chefs is unique, offers an amazing culinary experience and can meet with you and your guests, preparing an unforgettable party at your home. We serve events in Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Gdynia, Łódź, Sopot. We take into account individual preferences if mentioned.