Family Event

A party at your place, but... you're relaxing!

Do you want to invite your family home and enjoy the time spent together? Do you like to celebrate with your loved ones? You know how all-absorbing cooking is for everyone and you'd prefer for someone to relieve you of this responsibility?

That's what Ulala Chef is for!

Yes, now you can relax at a party in your own home. The time we spend together with our family are the best moments in our lives. However, the amount of work that falls upon the hosts is huge - preparing, cooking, decorating and then afterwards cleaning ...

Fortunately, now you can organize a party at home and enjoy yourself untroubled in the presence of your loved ones.

It doesn't matter if you want to celebrate your birthday, wedding anniversary, baptism, Christmas or Easter. There are as my ideas as there are opportunities.

With Ulala Chef, you'll take care of entertaining the guests while an experienced chef relieves you of culinary issues.

The cook will appear on your doorstep with all the products, they'll prepare a menu in the kitchen worthy of a great restaurant, and then serve it to the table in an elegant and professional manner. And in the end, clean it all after they're done with the cooking. If necessary, we will also provide glassware and other decorations that will make the whole meeting more pleasant.

What's your task? Entertaining guests and receiving compliments!

How would it work?
- We set the date, type of event and number of guests.
- We discuss culinary preferences and menu details - we adapt to your needs, and if you want to use our ideas, we have plenty!
- While creating the menu, we pay attention to the necessity of considering possible food allergies and intolerances.
- We can prepare a vegetarian, vegan, oriental and Mediterranean feast. It all depends on your needs.

Sample menus for family celebrations made by our chefs.

Check other menu ...

Why can you trust us?
- We have been on the market since 2015. Since then we've organized dozens of events for private and business clients.
- Each chef is subject to double verification in which their skills are assessed in the field of cooking, as well as their social and communication abilities.
- An element of the verification process is, among others test dinner, conducted in natural party conditions at home.
- Thanks to this, you can be sure that the chosen chef will adapt to your needs, and if necessary, become an additional attraction for the whole event and share their experiences and anecdotes with all who would be interested.

We have had the pleasure of preparing parties for family celebrations in Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Gdynia, Lodz, Sopot. And we would gladly prepare an offer for you.

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