Chef Mateusz Wojniusz

Chef Mateusz Wojniusz

About Chef

Chef Mateusz Wojniusz is a young, very ambitious chef. He started cooking as a 15-year-old. Today he is the Chef in a trendy Krakow restaurant.

I am from Bielsko-Biala: finishing one of the better gastronomy schools in Great Britain and working in renowned British restaurants allowed me to spread my wings as a young cook and come back to Poland to pursue my culinary dreams, to finally get to the heights.

My kitchen is characterized by my mastery, and that I always treat every guest exceptionally. And what I do is my passion. I love to delve into culinary books, and my culinary guru is Marco Pierre White. I appreciate the classic French style of cooking and follow this path, constantly training in new techniques for me. I spend my free time traveling and like to collect culinary discoveries.

His greatest achievements include:

Work at the Royal Shakespeare Theater (as a chef)
Finale in "Accor Challenge" in Paris, 2015
Victory "Ibis Top Cook 2014"
The final "Young Chef of the Year 2007" in England
Internship with Olivier Nasti for Maciej Majewski in 2015


Bielsko-Biała + 50 km

Foreign Languages

polish, english


Magdalena (20 May 2022)

Witam, 8 maja mieliśmy okazję skorzystać z usług Pana Mateusza. Jesteśmy bardzo zadowoleni i pod wrażeniem zarówno dań jak i opanowania, spokoju i ogromnej kultury osobistej Pana Mateusza oraz Panów kelnerów. Menu jest wyborne, wiele nowości smaków i aranżacji. Nawet najwięksi sceptycy kulinarni będą pod wrażeniem smaków i obsługi! Dziękujemy!

Ilona (29 December 2020)

The Christmas menu had a large selection, the delivery came as agreed and the dishes tasted great. I definitely recommend this method for Christmas preparations. Only with the help of a professional chef - Mr. Mateusz Wojniusz :)

Agnieszka (29 December 2020)

We ordered Christmas catering from the chef Wojniusz with delivery. Everything was great. Starting from the careful packaging of the dishes and their description to the wonderful flavors. I especially enjoyed the meat pate wrapped in bacon, which gave it flavor. Duck in wine sauce is poetry - fragile and delicate, and with it my favorite Gratin Dauphinois. The Christmas Eve cabbage was also delicious - sour and spicy the way we like it. And Russian dumplings are an absolute top - thin, delicate dough and well-seasoned stuffing. We ordered a lot of them, and even so the guests "fought" among themselves for the last portions;) Borscht and dumplings - delicious. Hearty and aromatic mushroom soup. Cod in tomato sauce with capers, roasted potatoes and broccoli is another hit. For dessert, a thick and wonderful compote of dried fruit and a delicate homemade cheesecake. Thank you, Mateusz. We had a great Christmas thanks to your talent and work!

Lidia (13 April 2020)

Food very good, brought on time. I recommend this company. Lydia

Joanna (29 March 2020)

Delicious dishes in a new version, i.e. with a non-contact delivery. A great answer to the current situation. Handy packed in molds ready for quick heating in the oven. Congratulations on the idea and execution! As for the dishes, we highly recommend stewed duck and pork neck rolls! And the spaghetti with beef ragout for kids has disappeared at an express pace.

Ilona (4 January 2019)

Food very tasty, in line with expectations. The contact was very nice, matter-of-fact and hassle-free. An additional plus was a surprise gift from the chef's pastry shop. Nice item for the holidays.

Marta (20 May 2018)

Delicious food. The boss is a very nice and communicative man. Revelation. We did not eat such food even in 5 * hotels. All for 6+

Magda (16 February 2018)

Delicious, nice and full of professionalism

Agnieszka (16 February 2018)

Excellent cooperation, fantastic dishes, personal culture at a high level 😊 only advantages. Congratulations on the idea and culinary passion because it feels like it.

Marek (27 January 2018)

Nice, polite culinary visionary. Thanks to you, it was and will be an unforgettable Culinary Evening.

Ewa (16 September 2017)

Because it is a meeting with world-class culinary art. A great culinary adventure, taste and aesthetic sensations at the highest level. A perfectly composed menu, elegant serving and innocent chats about culinary arts made the evening unforgettable.

Agnieszka (28 May 2017)

Communicative, tried very hard, very involved and taken over by the role. The method of serving - great, the taste - very good. An exceptionally good starter. The guests made minimal comments on the softness of the meat in the roast - it could have been a little more tender / soft.

Michał (4 April 2017)

Professionally: a very good workshop, nice and communicative. He is not limited only to cooking, but also interestingly talks about his work and the dishes presented. Interesting, interesting and diverse. Tasty, well-seasoned dishes, very large portions. A lot of valuable and interesting information about the cook's profession, moreover, an interesting experience if someone cooks only for you in a not-so-obvious scenery. I recommend.

Ilona (24 December 2016)

A bit too large patties, but all very tasty, well seasoned. Cultural, cares about contact with the client, he cares about satisfaction. The dishes are well prepared, traditional and yet with an individual taste.

Joanna (16 January 2016)

Everything without exception. Great idea. The best food I've ever eaten. Nice atmosphere. I recommend now to all my friends :)

Patrycja (16 January 2016)

The starter was very interesting and good, perfectly balanced flavors, the main course was delicious and the consistency of a duck, the dessert - despite the fact that I was able to absorb any amount of chocolate, it was too chocolate for me and probably a bit too heavy for such a number of dishes, but if the mousse was half the size it would be great. A very communicative, sympathetic and kind chef with whom a person is free and does not feel embarrassed. Keep it up :)) an amazing journey through known flavors, but rediscovered :) delicious appetizer, although I did not like goat cheese, I liked it after this dinner. The main course is very good, although in contrast to the rest of the tastes of other dishes, a bit less expressive - but it is probably just a matter of choosing the material - that is, it was simply a fish that is more delicate than meat, a slightly heavy dessert, i.e. this pear it was interesting in taste, but as the sixth dish, it was too dry and strong in taste for me.

Agnieszka (16 January 2016)

Delicious dishes and beautifully presented on a plate! First-class duck - juicy, tender and wonderful. The ravioli with chicken and goat cheese was brilliant - delicate, melt-in-the-mouth, and the tomatoes served with this dish were wonderfully cooked and tasty! A dessert with pear and chocolate is heaven! Excellent flavors and their presentation on the plate. A modest but ambitious and hardworking young man. He grabs the heart with his work! More courage in talking about yourself and your dishes, Mateusz. There is something to be proud of in front of the world!

Małgorzata (16 January 2016)

He is a very talented cook who makes contact with great ease. People, he can speak great about his passion and infect with his passion for cooking. He pays attention to details and details, the dishes must be perfect! 4 * just because I don't like bryndza very much, all the other dishes are super-surprising flavors - that's what I expected. We wish you many, many successes - the basis for this is enormous (knowledge, professionalism and a huge heart for cooking). A young man, with enormous knowledge and professionalism, tells a great story about the cuisine of other countries.

Ilona (16 January 2016)

Full professionalism and personality allowing for excellent contact with guests. Very modest but ambitious. A cook focuses on his own development in the kitchen, which shows his passion for cooking