Chef  Łukasz Rogowski

About Chef

He first started cooking when he was 16 years old when he started at Culinary School. He worked in exclusive restaurants after class, weekends and summer holidays. He knew back then, that this is what he wants to do in life, and not even 15 hours shifts changed that.

After finishing school, he gained experience in various roles, from assistant chef to deputy chef. 4 years ago he decided to raise his qualifications and went to England. He worked in several exclusive restaurants and hotels with fresh, high quality and then often unknown products.

He worked, among others at Capri Grand Cafe & Henry's Bar & Grill and Grand Hotel. He is currently working as the first chef in the Stara Rzeźnia Restaurant in Szczecin.

Work in the kitchen is his passion and lifestyle. He enjoys Polish cuisine combined with French - modern, fusion, fine dining and molecular. When cooking on private dinners, he tries to diversify the menu to delight the palate of every guest. He is distinguished primarily by ingenuity, charisma and a look at the kitchen from a different perspective.


Szczecin + 50 km

Szczecin + 30 km

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