Prywatny kucharz do wynajęcia – sprawdź ceny szefów kuchni
Chef Tomasz Wencek

Chef Tomasz Wencek

About Chef

Tomasz cooks to give happiness to others. The happiness from eating delicious food, the company at the table, from moments of stopping and calming down, happiness from the dinner, when the unique moments happen. Things that he cooks are the mixture of his experience. Starting from the times when he used to help his mother with the dinner, explore wild nature with his father and brother, an inspiring job in the best restaurants in Barcelona- Coure and Alkimia (1*Michelin), stunning fine dining meals eaten in Berlin, Kopenhaga and London and delicious street food from the southern Italy and distant Peru. 

Thanks to many years of work as a cook and chef in a Wrocław bistro Dinette, he discovered that the most important thing in cooking are products- their freshness, quality and origin. He cooks according to the seasonality calendar and tries to use the potential of local products. He prepares elegant, subtle and comfortable dishes. His great secret passion is cooking with fire- in the fire, on a grill or underground. 


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