Chef Portia Chowdhury

Chef Portia Chowdhury

About Chef

The inspiration behind chef Portia cooking stems from a childhood of her mother’s amazing Indian food and living in London’s vibrant food scene for 17 years. The combination of these two, results in her love of creating dishes that break from tradition.

Portia says: "The best flavours are made when it’s by your own two hands. This means I create everything from scratch where possible. This includes all the spice mixes, any dough that I might use, along with all the sauces, chutneys and marinades."

Portia is an easygoing, open-hearted person, with a sense of humour, energetic and lovable.


Berlin + 25 km

Foreign Languages

English, Spanish, Bengali


Daria (23 August 2019)

Chef Portia Chowdhury is your perfect chef-match for a private dinner! She has a good energy and cheerful personality, which adds sparkle to the dinner atmosphere. She is engaging with the guests when there is an occasion, and at the same time she knows how to focus and delivers what she promises. You trust her and the dishes she prepares reflect her personal story and her passion for cooking. Moreover Portia is dedicated to the creations she makes and carefully listens to preferences if there are any.

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