Chef Bartosz Hyży

Chef Bartosz Hyży

About Chef

Passionate about Japanese cuisine. Since 2009 he has been gaining experience in the position of Sushi Master in such restaurants as: Tokyo Sushi, Hashi Sushi. Currently, the cooking art is being developed in Toko Sushi, Reda. He wants to share his passion with more people and that is why he organizes courses in sushi preparation, both group and individual.

But it's not just sushi that makes a man alive. Bartosz also feels very comfortable in Thai cuisine.

He values the quality of ingredients and cleanliness of work, which translates into an unforgettable taste of his dishes.


Gdynia + 35 km

Wejherowo + 30 km

Foreign Languages

polski, angielski


Katarzyna (5 July 2020)

The celebration of our son's First Holy Communion took place unexpectedly quickly compared to the previously agreed date. It is true that we had a reserved place, but in September, in July (5 days before the ceremony), there was no chance, so what to do? My friend gave me an idea. "If you have an apartment, create a substitute for a 5-star establishment. Invite a real chef to your home through "Ulala chef". " And yes, it was a bull's eye. On the day of the ceremony, Mr. Bartosz appeared and prepared us a fantastic dinner that we could only afford in a very good restaurant, because the menu and the manner of serving are first class. All guests were delighted. The execution, decoration and the manner of serving the dishes were combined with the description of each dish, side dishes and sauces. Mr. Bartosz in a delightful way demonstrated and talked about each dish. He suggested how you can create such miracles yourself. As a starter he served sous vide pork tenderloin with horseradish sauce, before the main course the chef served chicken broth with a`la pielmieni dumplings. My dad is not a chicken soup fan, but he was delighted with it. Finally, the main course is a confiture duck thigh, a revelation. Delight over delights. Thigh served with red cabbage, delicious dumplings, caramelized apple, "lick your fingers". Thank you, Master Bartosz. A homely atmosphere and masterly cuisine are the result of inviting the Chef to your home. I recommend it to everyone because it is a great idea for any home celebration. - Kate.