Chef  Sebastian Maliszewski

Über den Koch

Expert in tasty food. Since 2017, he has been working at the Flaming & Co restaurant in Warsaw as a chef.

He loves Italian and French cuisine served in a modern way. In his dishes, he focuses on the quality of products. He likes to discover new flavors, so he often travels around the world. His favorite places in Europe are the Rungis Market in Paris and the Market at La Rambla in Barcelona.

The kitchen fascinated him from an early age. His first cookbook was the book "Pascal simply cook", you can say that it started from this, but his family claims that it is after his grandfather who worked on passenger ships as a cook.

After graduating from the gastronomic technical school in Gdynia, he went to Ireland, where he began his professional career. He worked there in one of the more prestigious restaurants - "Fern House" by Avoca.

Sebastian also served his menu during Masterclass Meetings of conversation - these are private dinners organized by the Viva magazine and the Flaming & Co. restaurant. He had the opportunity to prepare dinners for: Roman Polanski, Krystyna Janda, Tomasz Kot and for the Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek.

In cooking, he puts all his heart and commitment, he likes to strive for perfection, which he reflects in his dishes.


Darłowo + 150 km


polish, english

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