Küchenchef Patryk Domachowski

Chef Patryk Domachowski

Über den Koch

Patryk is a cook who is not afraid of challenges, a chef, a craftsman full of passion. He sets the bar high. He often creates new dishes, new flavors, even from simple products such as beetroot or onion. He likes non-obvious, surprising combinations in dishes, working with seafood, venison, vegetables or wild herbs, which he collects himself and includes in his kitchen.

He took his first steps in the gastronomic world as a child, next to his grandmother, a well-known cook, a confectionery master in his hometown. Now, as a professional chef, he has been gaining experience as a cook and chef in the best restaurants in Poland and Italy for many years. He is passionate about Polish, Mediterranean and original cuisine. He is a lover of old culinary books, where he looks for traditional recipes that he analyzes and recreates completely anew, creates new dishes using his knowledge and using various cooking techniques.

In recent years, he has worked in Poland in restaurants in the Tri-City (including L'Entre Villes Restaurant in Sopot, Villa Uphagena Restaurant in Gdańsk, Philharmonic Restaurant in Gdańsk, Magiel Restaurant in the Almond Hotel in Gdańsk, internship at the Biały Królik Restaurant in Gdynia).


Gdańsk + 30 km


Polnisch (Muttersprache), Italienisch (fließend), Englisch (Grundkenntnisse)