Chef  Katarzyna Malczewska

Über den Koch

A graduate of the Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw. Loves to discover new worlds and combine her knowledge and experience, which led her to continue education at Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology (University of Warsaw) and Psychology (SWPS University). Creating material for other's benefit and joy, painting, and culinary arts are her great passions. On top of this she added chocolate courses at Chocolate Academy Barry Callebaut (with French master of confectionery Alexandre Bordeaux), and Marcin Surdyk - one of the leading Polish confectioners, and at the Culinary Art Institute with Dorota Jaworska.

Katarzyna creates unique and original flavor compositions of her pralines, using both classic flavors and breaking the standards. It is important to care about the selection of natural ingredients so that DOTS are a healthy alternative to other sweets. The pralines are made without preservatives, without added sugar. It's a proper chocolate for adults;) For people seeking new flavors, for whom aesthetics and quality are important. Hand-made, jeweler-like art. It's a pleasure for the eye and the palate.

DOTs are chocolates you can personalize. Color and design, as well as each flavor, can be adjusted for the occasion and customer. We offer vegan, gluten-free and low calories options.


Warszawa + 20 km


polish, english, spanish

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