Cold buffet Salad with couscous with grilled pineapple, halloumi cheese, mint and olive oil Salad with grilled shrimps, zucchini, marinated radish and spring onion with rose-marie sauce Home-made bread Tartlets with gooseberry mousse and raspberries Grilled fruit with dip Dips Flavored butter (garlic, capers, chilli) Tzatziki sauce BBQ sauce Sweet and sour sauce Seasonal fruit sauce Grill Traditional pork neck marinated in beer Traditional pork neck marinated in beer Skewers of grilled vegetables (zucchini, pepper, mushroom, eggplant) Salmon fillet in curlers, sea salt and herbs The menu price does not include the cost of renting and transporting the grill

 Duration around 4h

 Purchase of produce

 Chefs transportation costs

  Rent of elegant plates and cutlery matching the menu (no glasses included)

 Cooking and service

 Table service - serving dishes

 Cleaning of the kitchen at the end

 Full satisfaction or cost return

 Safe payments

  Your payment will be stored on a dedicated account and given to the chef (except the installment) after completing the order.

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