Appetizers Tacos / salmon tartar / avocado Salad / rib / pickled onion / sumac and mint aioli Salad / chickpea / pepperoni / parmesan / basil / pita bread / beef brisket / russian sauce Salad / tomato mix / mozarella / basil vinegar / carmelised onion Meat & Fish Salmon / whiskey / honey Slow cooked pork ribs / bbq sauce slow cooked brisket / salsa verde Ribeye steak / herbs Grilled octopuss / parsley / chilli Sauces and Toppings Grilled cauliflower / habanero Guacamole Grilled mushroom / Parmesan and basil mayonnaise Roasted eggplant / joghurt / pomegranate / za'atar Homemade beer dough bread Nachos Naan / herbs Lemon aioli Russian sauce Mint and sumac aioli Bearnaise sauce Sweets and drinks Lemon tart with fruit Fresh fruit Ice cream cones / mint / chocolate Spicy sangria / pineapple / cucumber Cocktail / mango / ginger / coriander Margharita / watermelon / strawberry

 Duration around 3h

 Purchase of produce

 Chefs transportation costs

 Rent of elegant plates and cutlery matching the menu (no glasses included)

 Cooking and service

 Table service - serving dishes

 Cleaning of the kitchen at the end

 Full satisfaction or cost return

 Safe payments

 Your payment will be stored on a dedicated account and given to the chef (except the installment) after completing the order.

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  Price per person  PLN  270.00

  Total price  PLN  270.00