Scallops with dill oil and salmon roe Beef tartar with boletus powder and truffle Slices of a duck breast with orange and thyme jam and raspberry powder Smoked eel in horseradish mousse with apple Beetroot with baked goat cheese and elderberry syrup Leek boiled with a crayfish emulsion Mango in tempura with sweet and sour sauce Pork bacon in plum sauce Cocks / other mushrooms in a peach emulsion Caramelized sauerkraut with marjoram and chorizo oil Shot with colorless tomato juice and mozzarella Shot with mango and cardamom Pumpkin panna cotta with a caramel chip Truffles with juniper notes Tartlets with lemon mousse and meringue

 Duration around 3h

 Purchase of produce

 Chefs transportation costs

 Rent of elegant plates and cutlery matching the menu (no glasses included)

 Cooking and service

 Table service - serving dishes

 Cleaning of the kitchen at the end

 Full satisfaction or cost return

 Safe payments

 Your payment will be stored on a dedicated account and given to the chef (except the installment) after completing the order.

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