Christmas Eve supper Served Starter Homemade sourdough bread and butter in two flavors Amuse - Bouche Surprise from Chef Soup Velvety red borscht with apple and homemade mushroom dumplings (borscht will be poured in front of guests) or Aromatic mushroom broth with mushroom dumplings with sauerkraut, fried mushrooms, mushroom foam, parsley powder Main course Fried carp in crispy herb coating (or sea bream - to choose from) with wine sauce (served in front of guests) and chive oil, served with potatoes in butter emulsion with dill and homemade sauerkraut or Trout fried in butter (or carp in crispy herb coating), spicy zucchini pancakes, potato gratin, herb sauce Dessert Brioche fried in butter, served warm with plum jam and vanilla ice cream or Raspberry soufflé and vanilla ice cream Additional options - dishes for the following holidays Duck stuffed with apples and cranberry sauce (to be baked, or the chef can bake it) Marinated herring with onion and apple Greek fish Roasted beetroot salad with roasted sunflower seeds and apple Dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms Croquettes with cabbage and mushrooms Cold meats baked in aromatic herbs (pork loin, pork neck, turkey breast) Homemade pickles (cucumber, pepper, mushrooms) Apple tart with crumble Chocolate cake with Kamchatka berry cream The price of the above set (additional options) is 300 PLN / person

 Duration around 3h

 Purchase of produce

 Chefs transportation costs

  Rent of elegant plates and cutlery matching the menu (no glasses included)

 Cooking and service

 Table service - serving dishes

 Cleaning of the kitchen at the end

 Full satisfaction or cost return

 Safe payments

  Your payment will be stored on a dedicated account and given to the chef (except the installment) after completing the order.

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