Chef Sanjana Krishnan

Chef Sanjana Krishnan

About Chef

Sanjana has been cooking ever since she was 9-years old, with her grandmother, and mother; and has a natural talent for creating and designing delicious Indian cuisines, true to their roots, that you may not find that easily around Berlin.

She grew up and lived in Mumbai for 18 years, the heart of India’s best culinary scene and has travelled extensively to the remotest corners of India, and learnt local delicacies with the community. She creates food from her memory of growing up in India, recipes that bind the modern soul food to classical Indian flavours. She believes in remaining true to
the ingredients used to create taste and enjoys making the dish from scratch.

She’s switched career at 30 from being a PhD in Political Science to pursuing her passion and love for cooking. She feels at home in Berlin and loves to live in the moment, creating beautiful memories.


Berlin + 15 km

Foreign Languages

English, Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil

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