Chef  Mateusz Miernik

About Chef

Mateusz Miernik has been involved in cooking for six years. His mother was the one who first inspired him to cook.

His first job in a restaurant, where he met real professionals, was a great success for him - he had the pleasure to learn from the top chefs from Krakow, including Paweł Kras, Łukasz Cichy and also from the chef Aleksander Kotarba, who also cooperates with Ulala chef.

Mateusz serves his cuisine based on a number of his experiences, he values French cuisine and weaves it into his dishes. He is a well-organized and put together person, he completes everything up till last detail - they are very important in his dishes.


Kraków + 100 km

Foreign languages

polish, english


Szymon (20 May 2018)


Ilona (23 December 2017)

Potrawy smakowały bardzo dobrze, więc nie trzeba martwić się przygotowaniami.

Agnieszka (14 May 2017)

Jak na pierwsze doświadczenie w pracy pod szyldem Ulala Chef to było super (nie było prezentacji i opowieści o potrawach). Smak potraf był fenomenalny, goście zachwyceni!

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